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The Petroleum Engineer’s Club of Dallas (PECD) was founded late in 1940 by a group of professionals who were at that time local members of the Petroleum Division, American Institute of Mining Engineers. These oil field professionals found the frequency of AIME meetings insufficient to meet their needs for interchange of technical information and personal interaction. A bond was forged by a likeminded group in a casual and lighthearted fraternity type atmosphere where information and good humor could be shared. Early on, certain norms and traditions were developed and practiced in weekly lunch meetings held in downtown Dallas. Most of these traditions have survived to this day. Club Rosters over the years have included the names of highly influential individuals in the industry.

Over seventy years later the PECD is still regularly meeting for lunch in downtown Dallas, Texas. The Club has broadened its makeup and now welcomes all persons in the energy industry, from engineers, geologists, geophysicists, landmen, accountants, attorneys, insurance representatives and other specialists who identify their livelihood with energy development. Monthly meetings attract both members and guests, who share a meal, camaraderie and witness a presentation from a noteworthy author or representative of a company making news in the world of energy.

Members are affectionately referred to as “Doctors” out of respect for their expertise in the industry and those who are called upon to make a presentation at a regular meeting have the title of “Doctor of Rhetorology” conveyed upon them by the Board of Directors as a token of appreciation. The program is laced with traditions handed down from the organization’s founders and from those all who followed. Please consider the opportunity we offer to you to speak to our “Doctors” and guests on a topic we know they will want to hear and discuss as has been done for more than seventy years in meetings of the Petroleum Engineer’s Club of Dallas.

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